FairwayBreaks Golf Rentals

Make the best of your listing

Our job is to attract as many golfing customers to FairwayBreaks.com as possible. Once on our website we monitor the number of views and web enquiries each property receives. To help you make the best of your listing we asked the sales team to look at the reasons why some properties attract more views than others. Details of their findings are listed below.

Location details are very important

In order for the FairwayBreaks search engine to pick up your property the Location details must be correct Country, Region, Town or Village as a minimum. The more information you enter the more search results you will appear in.

A picture is worth a thousand words

The picture used at the top of your listing (the thumbnail) is like your shop window, make the best of it. Pick your best photo and use it to bring customers into your property listing. We found the better the front page photo the more views the property attracted.

Once the customer is viewing your property the pictures are normally the first place they click (they want to see what they are buying). FairwayBreaks gives the opportunity to place 12 large photos on the standard listing. Be sure to use them all, show photos inside and outside your property, the local area, golf courses, local attractions etc.

Property description

Write a minimum of one sentence about each area of the property, bedrooms, lounge, kitchen etc and its surrounding areas. Think about what you would like to know if you were considering taking a holiday and detail any unique selling features either in or around the property i.e. transport from the airport, maid service, own or large pool, local bars, situated near beach or on a golf course. FairwayBreaks allow 1,000 characters in this section, room for about 75 words; a little extra time on this section attracts additional enquiries.

Facilities and attractions

This part is easy, just follow the tick box section on the listing page. Try to make use of FairwayBreaks' unique "add an option" feature to create your own tick boxes and further customise your list, as not everyone who uses FairwayBreaks.com is a golfer. Some customers may be looking for holidays where none of the party are golfers, or perhaps one or two members of the party occasionally play golf. It is important to add any local attractions, which will appeal to your golfing and non golfing customers, Spa's, Gym's, Sports Facilities, Water Parks, Shopping, Local Markets, Wildlife, Sight Seeing, Bars, Restaurants, Night Life etc. The notes section is also useful if you wish to elaborate on your list of facilities and attractions, again the number of characters available in this section is 1,000, room for about 75 words, use as many as you feel appropriate to make the best of your property listing.

Golf details

The vast majority of our property owners are not golfers. However, this section is very important. The best tip is to search golf courses in your local area using the Internet. Use the information they provide on their website (being careful not to copy and paste due to copyright) and approximate the travel time from your property. The more courses the better, Golfers prefer to play several different courses during their holiday so don't be afraid to list all the local courses. We have allowed for 2,000 characters, about 150 words, in this section as it's an important one.

Rates and availability

Unless your rates are incredibly competitive we do not see any major difference in properties which have individual rates and those which ask for the customer to contact. However, it is important to keep your availability calendar up to date. FairwayBreaks offer the use of the availability calendar and the enquiry form on your personal website free of charge to ensure it is maintained, if you do not have a website please be sure to keep the availability calendar current. For the customer there is nothing worse than seeing your property available only to be told on enquiry it is not. If everyone maintains the calendar it will maintain the FairwayBreaks reputation and increase viewings for all.


If you have any problems listing your property we are happy to help. Just send us an email, our contact details are shown below. We also offer the service of reviewing your listing against known best practice including Location, Photo's, Attractions, Golf Courses, English Grammar and Spelling free of charge — contact [email protected] to have a member of our team review your listing.