FairwayBreaks Golf Rentals

Straight-forward pricing

No of properties £ € approx.
1 property £70 €84
2 or more £55 each €66
5 or more £50 each €60

Our rates for 12 months advertising are transparent and simple. We aim to deliver value for money, enquiries and bookings.

All seasons

Golfers book holidays in both seasons as they are often unable to play at home in winter conditions. This helps home owners book-out those difficult to fill months.

Greater interest

Expand your market by reaching customers who are searching for accommodation near a golf course and may not find your property otherwise.

Better value

You pay one price and keep 100% of the rental income. No hidden fees or commissions to pay.

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Showcase your property

  • Multi-page advert
  • Space for 12 photos
  • Rental rates table
  • An easy to update calendar
  • Google Map
  • Your listing is promoted on major search engines like Google.

Creating your own listing with FairwayBreaks is easy and to help you produce a listing that delivers results we've put together a detailed guide.
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