No one would dare to have a pointless investment in their house, like buying a new appliance, a good repair is an ideal way over full replacement. This can also be applied to garage doors. Though a newly installed garage door offers the power to drastically change the feel and look of your home and eventually boost its curb appeal, you can usually prevent the need to invest in a new garage door with garage door repair Reno. While you decide whether to replace or repair it, here are some of the factors you must consider: 


Have you observed that your garage door stopped working completely altogether? This could be due to any problems. When your garage door worked fine before but has failed to operate today, then the solution to this may be simple and straightforward. But when your garage door has been occasionally having a hard time and its non-operation feels like the reason why the long-term issue may arise, this may be due to more significant problems that should be checked by an expert and fully replace.  


Damage is different than wear and tear since it happens because of a particular incident like high winds and a collision with a vehicle. A garage door is comprised of several various parts that enable it to seamlessly function. Any particular damage to any of its parts can only cause your door to be unsafe—with the repair cost exceeding the replacing cost.  

So, once you can observe any garage door damage, make sure to review your insurance options. The car insurance or the homeowner’s insurance may cover a part of the cost needed for replacement. Though it still depends on the nature of the damage and how it happened.  

Wear and tear 

Your garage door can entirely change your home’s exterior, improving curb appeal and complementing the rest of the architecture of your house. If wear and tear begin to show up on your garage door, it can take away the aesthetics of your house. One of the examples that you need a single replacement panel is when you must pick from home garage door repair than a complete replacement. However, when several panels start to rust or fade, or when multiple panels are required to be replaced, then consider this as the best sign that you have to completely replace your garage door.  

When you got a wooden garage door, search for signs of cracking and warping as these are warning signs that you should opt for a garage door replacement as soon as possible. One of the major aspects you need to consider to entirely replace a garage door is the age of your garage door. When you’ve just had it for 5 years, you can go for a simple garage door repair done by the experts. However, when it’s already exceeded 10 to 15 years old, then it’s not reasonable to keep it longer anymore. Instead, now is the time to consider looking for a total garage door replacement.